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Stockings are one of the most amazing sexy wear for women's. They highlight the natural curves thereby leaving any woman looking as sexy as she wants to be but at the same time feel covered. The stockings are a great choice for all body types because they are elastic and body hugging hence bringing out those curves in the perfect way. The wide range of stockings gives you the liberty to choose from your favorite stockings.

Welcome to the world of stockings and suspenders. Here at 24hr Lingerie, we sell a wide range of sexy, elegant and designer body stockings like vintage stockings etc. If you are bored wearing those ordinary body stockings that you have in your wardrobe just try our exuberant collection of fishnet stockings. We have the stockings for every mood and every occasion. From sizzling net stockings to the evening and bridal stockings you can try any one as per your comfort. You will have 100% comfort since all of our stockings are made of reliable and light fabric that gives you long lasting comfort every time you wear them.

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