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Hold Ups - Hold Up Stockings

The Stay-up stockings are no different from the regular stockings; the only thing that separates them from the regular stockings are the grater strap. The Stay-up stockings comes with a inserted elasticized band that don't require hold ups or stays to keep it intact. The Stay-up stockings are pretty dynamic and stylish. The Stay-up stockings provide all new refreshing look and for those women's who just got tired of wearing regular stockings, Hold-up stockings is a good change. Without the Garter belt, the Stay-up stockings are more convenient to be worn and could be worn in pretty less time as compared to the other regular stockings.

We at 24hr Lingerie provide a whole new range of Stay Up stockings and Hold Ups. You will get entice to see our whole refined collection of Stay Up and Hold Ups. We bring you the finest assortment online with a wide variety o jubilant and vibrant Stay up stockings. Here at 24hr Lingerie we make sure that each of our products surpasses our own top quality standards, so that you will get 100% satisfaction on our product every time you wear them.  So, just doesn’t waste time immediately check our exclusive collection of Stay ups below and order your favorite one right now.

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